Francisco Merino Morales

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Composer Profile

Francisco Merino Morales was born in the village of Villalbilla (Madrid), in Spain, in 1963. Degree in law from the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), in Spain, he studied music at the Royal Conservatory of music of Madrid. Currently he spends his time both in legal activity with literary and musical. He has published several books (novels, poetry, stories, translations) and has won awards in various literary competitions. From a musical perspective, after working in the eighties in the world of pop and rock, Francisco Merino Morales has composed several works for various instrumental chamber ensembles and various soloists, having been premiered his works in Spain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Ukraine. Chile, Mexico, United States and Argentina. He has published two albums: La Belleza Inhabitada (2011), and Dualidades (2013). His compositional style is very eclectic, having composed tonal, atonal and electroacoustic works, although most peculiar of his style is the freely use of musical materials and a search for short of no modal language in a tonal context. He’s a member of neotonal compositors association in Spain